Just A Kick​-​Ass Demo (EP)

by Intrinsic



This EP was recorded at Blackdog Recordings (formerly Music America Studios) in Rochester, NY on August 27, 2008. All tracks were recorded in the same studio room as Metallica's "Kill 'Em All" album was in 1983.

Copyright © 2008-2016 Cat On A Hog Entertainment by Alex Bellanca and Michael Bellanca. All Rights Reserved.
*Warning: Any unauthorized reproduction of this or any other recording is prohibited by Federal law and is subject to criminal prosecution.


released October 31, 2008

Recorded, mixed, engineered, and mastered by some douche-bag intern in August 2008.
Characters on Album Cover by Casey Sanders in November 2007.
Edited and Designed by Intrinsic (Alex Bellanca, and Mykel Nitro) in September 2008.

Mykel Nitro: Drums and Vocals
Alex Bellanca: Guitars
J-Snap Russell: Bass

All songs written by Alex Bellanca and Mykel Nitro.



all rights reserved


Intrinsic Rochester, New York

Intrinsic formed in June 2006 by brothers Alex and Mykel "Nitro" Bellanca. They have released four full length studio albums, four compilation EPs, and one LP. Intrinsic has had a few different line-ups over the years, but have always been The Subvert Kings. ... more

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Track Name: Your Time Is Up
Your Times Is Up

Thought my life was on the ropes
Sat around just doing dope
Now I see beyond the light
I know that I'm able to fight

Staring death
In the eyes
My life's a mess without your lies

Hey Ho Hey Ho

Everyday my time ran out
That's what it was all about
Now I see the end is near
My death will be so severe

Thought my life was on the ropes
Sat around just doing dope
Now I see my end is near
My death will be so severe
Track Name: That Was Sweet
That Was Sweet

Take my, take my, take my, take my, take my pride and take my joy

Rub my feet
Touch my toes
Smell my sweat
Let you know
See my car
Hop on in
Let me take you for a spin

"Hello", "Goodbye"
Is what I say to you my friend
Track Name: Drag In
Drag In

Run for the heavens as you fall from the skies
Blessed like an Angel with your head held up high
I watched all the torment as my life passes by
I wish it were her who were in my eyes

It doesn't matter what you do or say
(Forget it!)
Forget the shame

Forget it, forget it, forget it, no!
Track Name: Below The Surface
Below The Surface

Here I lay face up on the ceiling
Revealing all the things that I have to offer

My heart, my thoughts, my feelings
Don't think I'm not dealing with this in a good way
I will be back someday

Just below the surface I am drowning
Pressure crushing me down on my chest
I will not be put to rest

Here I stand face down on the floor
Doesn't seem like I care anymore
Don't care, no...